“Polystyrolbeton” Ltd. is the Bulgarian producer of polystyrene concrete (PSC). In association with our Russian partners in the mid of 2007 the firm constructed and put in service a production line for polystyrene concrete. Later that same year the production was certificated-construction blocks PSC for internal and external masonry.

Mandatory requirement for modern construction, regardless if it is housing, administrative or industry construction, is to use materials that provide in short schedules to be constructed warm, economical, and environmentally friendly and fire safe buildings. Amongst these materials with the most advantages is polystyrene concrete. PSC blocks are strong as regular concrete, they can be shaped as easily as wood, and they have excellent heat and noise insulation capabilities and need minimal work for their installment.

PSC is a version of light weight concrete, with homogeneous cellular structure and has the lowest density-up to 320 kg./m3 (the most popular at the moment gas-silicate concretes are twice as heavy as PSC). Polystyrene concrete has been discovered more than 25 years ago by SRIC in Russia with the purpose to remove from the construction process the corruptible materials such as foam and various mineral and heat insulation plates.

Infrared picture of two buildings- the one on the left is made with polystyrene concrete. 

The places that let heat out of the building and have high surface temperature are shown in red in the picture, the opposite is also shown in the picture the places with good insulation have low surface temperature and are shown with dark blue and dark colors.