1. Heat insulation construction blocks - they are used for external and internal masonry.
Blocks made from polystyrene concrete (PSC) can be shaped in any form needed, easy for installment, higher speed for constructing inner and outer walls. The material is easily manipulated - it is easily drilled, nailed, cut, it is easy to put electrical wiring and plumbing. It has the ability to “breathe”. PSC has excellent heat and noise insulating capabilities. Moisture does not affect the materials heat insulating abilities, does not allow it to deform, and prevents formation of fungus and bacteria inside it. The high indicators of heat storage allow to be reached economical effects not only during the building process (more effective space with thinner walls - lower cost for square meter) but even with further exploitation - reduced costs for heating. The material can be shaped in complicated form which can be put at the place where walls connect to prevent development of fugue i.e. it does not need extra materials for this. The speed of construction of external and screen walls is increased up to 10 times in comparison with traditional ceramic bricks.Description: Description: http://psb-bg.com/images/clip_image001.jpg
Polystirene concrete blocks combine characteristics of such materials as concrete (long life and strength), wood (easy to work with and shape) and polystyrene (high sound and heat insulation capabilities). When processed well the surface of the blocks doesn’t need extra work, deviation up to 1 mm  is acceptable. The thickness of the joint used in masonry doesn’t exceeds more than 3 mm when glue for blocks is used (it is possible for moisture resistant and frost resistant glue to be used for ceramic and ceramic tiles). Thus the heat insulating capabilities of the masonry are increased, by excluding the possibility of formatting cracks in  the concrete-sand joint. The walls of polistirol concrete let air flow through i.e. they have the capability of “breathing”, and thanks to its high vapor permeability-regulates the moisture of air. In result the inner rooms are with good room temperature like the ones in wood buildings. This material possesses very good noise insulating capabilities which makes it excellent for constructing inner walls.

2. Pouring technologies – one convenient appliance for PSC is right on the construction site, by pouring polystyrene concrete mixture which hardens by natural conditions. The formed film is monolayer for floors and intercommunication plates (with up to 12 degrees slopes).

3. Foamed (expanded) polystyrene – the size of the granule varies between 5 and 7 mm. It is used as an essential ingredient for making polistirol concrete mixture for pouring and coating, in the agricultural industry it is used as an aerator for the soil, in the textile industry it is used as a filling for furniture.